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Santosh Kumar Nahar ( Sense World Music) The Golden Bow
Жанр: violin tabla
Год издания: 2003
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 192 kbps
Продолжительность: 0:56:45
Violin : Santosh Kumar Nahar
Tabla: Shabbir Hussain
1. Raga Yaman - Vilambit Ektaal
2. Raga Yaman - Teentaal
3. Raga Nat Bhairav - Ektaal
4. Tappa in Raga Kafi - Addha taal
5. Rajasthani Folk Melody in Raga Mand
6. Raga Bhairavi

Об исполнителе (группе)

Indian classical music is as ancient as the human race itself. How fortunate is he or she who loves to sing or play an instrument! Indian classical music is deep, profound and melodious. It draws upon the rhythms of nature that resonate in the human heart.'
Swami Rama.
Santosh Kumar Nahar is fast emerging as one of the most exciting young violinists of the North Indian, Hindustani style of Classical Music. He has become a regular and very popular performer at India's most prestigious music conferences and festivals. In India, music is a complete way of life for many families, and Santosh hails from one such family steeped in the traditions of India's classical music. His father, Prahlad Prasad Mishra a renowned vocalist and musician, along with his uncles and elder brothers made sure the young violinist received a comprehensive grounding in the practices of this most refined and revered art form, with further training in the techniques of violin playing coming from Shri T.M.Patnaik. Exposure to different teachers has helped the young violinist to refine his own musical interpretations. Through hours of rigorous practice, Santosh has been able to successfully merge the melodic vocal style, known as gayaki, with the dynamic instrumental, tantrakari style. His performances are laced with fluent taans, elaborate improvised passages, which exhibit stunning virtuosity.
The violin is now a well established part of the Indian music scene, introduced into sub-continent in the eighteenth century, and now the most popular bowed instrument in Indian music. The Indian violin is identical to the traditional western violin, but differs from it in tuning and playing position. It is played in a seating posture with the back of the head resting on the collar bone or chest.
Raga is the lifeblood of Indian classical music. Composed by saints and sages from the times of the Vedas, ragas have been handed down over centuries, through an oral tradition that is the admiration of the world. Ragas hold a magical quality which has the power to remind us of our connection with the natural world. Ragas that we hear today incorporate a variety of forms, styles and presentation, each one associated with a particular passion or mood, and connected to a specific time of day or a season in the year. Some of Indian music's most charming and attractive ragas are represented in this performance.
Santosh begins the recording with Raga Yaman, one of the most popular and pleasing ragas associated with evening time. Raga Yaman uses the same notes as the western Lydian mode, and is well-liked by musicians because of its wide scope for improvisation. Firstly, there is a short alap, a rhythm-free improvised section, which outlines the main melodic phrases of the raga, followed by a composition set to Vilambit Ektaal, a slow rhythmic cycle of twelve beats. There is a more measured, lyrical approach in the medium speed, while the faster tempo composition in sixteen beat 'teental', (track 2) reveals a dynamic, animated side to his performance.
Tabla accompaniment is provided throughout by Shabbir Hussain, a young up and coming artist, who shows great maturity in his playing. Shabbir has also benefited from a home environment boasting some great exponents of Indian music. His uncle is Ustad Hidayat Khan, a senior representative of the Delhi style of tabla playing. He has also had the benefit of guidance from Shri Nandan Mehta of the Benares gharana. Raga Nat Bhairav (track 3), is a morning raga which portrays a freshness associated with the beginning of the day, played in a classical vocal khayal style, to a medium tempo ektaal. For track 4, Santosh introduces us to Raga Kafi, performed in the vocal style of Tappa, a lighter form of classical music that is brisk, with a variety of intricate phrases, making it particularly difficult to render without a good degree of virtuosity. The sixteen beat Addha taal, is played in a different style from teental with a greater emphasis on swing, conducive to the genre of tappa singing. The flavour of the Rajasthan desert is evocatively portrayed through Raga Mand (track 5), a popular folk melody in six beat Dadra taal, reflecting on the showering scent of the sand dunes. The auspicious Raga Bhairavi (track 6) is regarded as the 'Queen' of Indian ragas. It is one of the few Indian melodies which can be played at any part of the day, though it is traditionally associated with a devotional conclusion to a concert performance.
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